ACT audiovisual unveils corporate logo

May 15, 2015

ACT audiovisual is very proud to unveil its corporate logo and brand.  Our goal in creating our brand was to communicate to our clientele the central guiding principles behind ACT audiovisual.  The underlying ideas that repeatedly surfaced during this process were:

Modern – Technology is always changing and an audiovisual company needs to be current and cutting edge.

Corporate – Our clients are business people, educators, government officials and everyone in between. We need to be a brand that can relate to all of them.

Professional – This is not a hobby. We do this because it fills a need and is profitable.  Everything we do needs to be clean, organized and goal oriented, in a word, Professional

Community Oriented – We believe everyone should try to leave the world a better place than when they entered it.  A tall order by any measure but one we are fully committed to.

Strategic & Meticulous – Technology is expensive and clients have limited budgets.  Clients need a partner that understands this and looks at solutions with painstaking attention to providing products and services that meet current needs and account for future integration.

Detail Oriented & Exacting – Clients are not usually technology experts and ACTav knows that.  That is why we spend time on research and planning to ensure that whatever solution is required is technically perfect and all the variables are accounted for.

While it is a tall order, the logo that we eventually chose clearly tells that story.

The blue colour choice demonstrates professionalism, trust, & authority. The circle represents our community and our focus and the waves in the middle represent both the audio scale as well as the 7 spectrums of visible light. Lastly, we shortened our name “Advanced Communication Technology” to ACT audiovisual with “ACT” being indicative of the structured theatrical experience.  While only our employees will likely know the detailed background of the logo, we believe that it does visually represent exactly who we are.